Tuesday, July 7, 2009

ReFocus; July 2009, After National Championships

And life goes on...

After all my focus on Nationals, it is wonderful to redirect that focus on all the good work being accomplished at 'Dream For The Stars'. Does a heart good!

Alfie, my little rescue dog, who was so abused when he arrived that he didn't make noise for 2 years, is busting out in joy to hear that we are also focusing on the pets that need our help & support to find loving homes.

I got a new electric bass to help me get my groove back... so music is a happening thing

And I still have racing goals to make with my racing team--TriStar MedPlan...
Last week I finished the Master's National Championships among the top ten overall women in my category-- #9, to be precise. I did get 'on the podium' for Time Trialing! There are 5 podium spots; I was fifth. But that was my goal; it was quite difficult to achieve, and I did it. So Happy.
Who could believe that an arthritic asthmatic, who's missing half her veins, has a bad ankle, and 'heart issues', riding on borrowed wheels* could do such a thing? Yes, its rhetorical, maybe... But if you had any doubt about God, He is all-powerful.**

Now, time to plan a ride for 'Dream For The Stars'. Because without the belief that I don't need to be held down and pushed back by feelings of unworthiness, I could never have become a National Champion.
September 12th we will ride out to show that 'overcoming' is for everyone.

*Special thanks to Richard for the wheel and the above pictures. Thanks to Tamara for the wheel, and to Dave for the disc.
**thanks to Char and the others (you know who) for the prayer-power;

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

"Dream For The Stars"; Help by Sponsoring my Epic Ride

Here is you can help; You can sponsor my ride in any amount, either to go towards lodging, equipment, food , even time... please help by clicking on the link below:

I appreciate each of you for your willingness to help. Of course any donation you make will be tax deductable!
If you choose to sponsor the journey with riding gear, contact me , Beth, or the Dream For The Stars website for a donation form and of course, you will be listed as a sponsor and your gift will be tax-deductable.
p.s. You can also communicate your request, or any questions you might have, under 'comments' below.
Bless You for your generosity, Beth

Thursday, March 12, 2009

And here's my pitch...

I am striving to be a national champion by the time I ride for 'Dream For The Stars' this September. I intend to show the world that I've learned enough from 'Dream For The Stars' that I can believe in myself. So much so, that I can get others to believe in me, too.
I am a Time Trial-ist. They call Time Trialing the 'race of truth' because it is you, your bicycle, and the clock. No other riders pulling you along, no help-- just you and the pain ;)
Last year was my first year attending 'master's nationals' and I finished 7th in the TT. I did that on inexpensive wheels and an 'E-Bay' TT bike. This year I want to 'podium', which means securing one of the winning positions--on the podium. I want fourth or better. To do so, I need to beg, borrow, or 'get sponsored' Time Trial wheels-- including a disc wheel. I won't buy those wheels, because with that amount of money, I would be able to equip a couple of our DFTS riders... or feed a small Appalachian town... It is above the means of a Nashville Musician/writer!
So... Help. Please. Any and all ideas welcomed. Because I can 'do this thing'!

and now I need to go do my part... sweat

More Bike-Antics

Once again on Saturday, I found myself on my bike holding on for dear life through training drills and exercises, attacks, and sprints. This time I was riding with Team Biker's Choice from Hendersonville, TN, from the Store of the same name.
Right off the top, I have to say I LOVE THOSE GUYS because they willingly let me train with them despite the fact that I ride for another team; though I will say, I'd gladly have ridden for them if they had women.
So Saturday, I was training , not with other women , but with all male riders from young to , well... 'my age +' ;)
I do not ride with Team Biker's Choice unless I am feeling my best, I do NOT want to be the one to hold them up-- not that they'd stop! Even more so, because of the 'being the only girl' thing. But it was hot Saturday, and that works to my advantage. I managed to keep up with some of their sprints and follow an attack or two-- good progress for me. And when it came to the last sprint drill, they let me be 'team captain'. I had to ask what that meant... but what it meant was that I was the 'guy' that my team was riding 'for'-- I was Lance; or Levi. I was the one who was to sprint over the line! They were the riders who would protect me & keep me fresh, letting me draft in their slipstream until I was within sprinting distance of the finish line. The other team was supporting my nemesis, Ron.
What a fun drill! What awesome riders pulled me to the sprint line-- and I won! But as you can clearly see, they won it! I won, but they did all the work. I have watched plenty of pro-cycling, but the camera always favors the star, here in a practical drill, I saw who really works in team cycling.
In explanation, no, I'm not all that new to this, I am a 'cat 3' racer. But I never have teammates to work with in our races. Women's numbers are small in local competitions, so we all work together until we get close to the finish and then a switch goes off and it's every girl for herself. I've never had the experience of having a team work for me until , well, Saturday. I really liked it ;)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Nashville; Music City, USA

February Fun Playing Music In Nashville, TN

This was a fun night out on the town in Nashville, backing up the famous artist and writer, Stella Parton as she did a showcase of her the material from her new CD project. It was held at one of the best writer’s nights—‘hosted’ by my friend Debi Champion.

Being a side musician is every bit as fun as producing or being a singer-songwriter!

2009 Team Training Camp

Since what ‘DreamForTheStars/rider’s are going to do is ride bicycles 800 miles, I am going to do a few paragraphs spewing what it was like to spend a weekend in the hills of Georgia at team training camp as put on by my new racing team, Team MedPlan.

Team MedPlan is a women’s team—as it turns out, it is this awesome team comprised of girls—well, women from Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee and Florida. All ages, all talented athletes, and all friendly, smiling, and ready to race.

On Saturday, we met up at a bike store. Here I met, for the first time in person, Jackie Soladay Blackwell, our teammate who organized the training, and Robin Farina, our coach for the weekend. Robin is also a pro-rider for ValueAct Capitol Cycling Team and has since taken an awesome tenth place in the women’s crit at the Tour de California.
Once all of the team had arrived, we took off and worked a few hours (and 50 miles) of drills, simulating attacks and chases, single pace lines rotating Team Time Trial style, and double pace lines. We worked on echelons and adjusting pace lines relative to wind direction. Robin, was challenging and thorough, somehow finding time to work individually with each of us despite the numbers.

Later, the team met and ate at Carrabas’ giving us a chance to get to know each other personally. We had some time to prioritize the season’s races, and to think more about tactics and strategy, and when and where we might have opportunity to work as a team. It was fun to listen to each others’ racing experiences and to learn more about our pro-coach's racing career.

After a well-earned night’s sleep we drove to Dahlonega—famous for its mountains, no doubt—and rode a 35 mile route that included three major climbs. Of course where there are three major climbs, there are three major descents! So, while I was feeling pretty good about myself and my fitness on the climbs, girls were whizzing by me right and left on the descents! I looked at the slick roads and the pea gravel and ...Yes, I’m a bit of a control-freak downhill, but I’m seeking counseling, because in a race I know I’ll be a speed-demon as that little competitive edge we call ‘evil-beth’ rears its ugly head.

All in all, it was great training AND GREAT FUN! It took forever to drive home, and I was tired and dirty five hours later when I pulled into my driveway. But I was still smiling.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Low-Down on This Rider

Beth Travers
'Dream For The Stars', reinforcing the ideal that a person's life needn't be limited by the effects of abuse, strikes near and dear to my heart. I've spent life 'coming from behind'.
Now I walk my walk believing there's purpose for adversities. Experience has helped me to be brave enough to lead others in my own small way, encouraging them to recognize red flags, and to believe in themselves enough to demand the respect every human being deserves.
Racing bicycles, I've discovered in myself a winning spirit that enjoys 'coming from behind'. I like encouraging others to find their competitive spirit and to set and achieve goals that'll bring them power and satisfaction. I can't wait to ride for 'Dream For The Stars'.

Written by David Signs:

Beth Travers is an accomplished, musical, athletic, multi-faceted woman full of joy, energy, and love. She has spent over 30 years sharing her songs, her smile, and her talent with people all over the world. Beth has worked major concert stages with artists such as Ray Stevens, Percy Sledge, and Razzy Bailey, performed in the remote mountains of Bosnia & Kosovo singing to our troops with little more than a guitar, and toured Europe performing as a duo with her husband. She always exudes an aura of "we can, and I will" to make this world a kinder, safer, more joyful place. Beth carries that same energy and conviction into the athletic realm with her involvement in competitive cycling. Whether an individual competition, or a team effort, Beth gives her best every time. She is an award winning, committed, hard-working team player. In addition to her music career, Beth is a certified USA Cycling coach, and works with the American Red Cross teaching life-saving skills.